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Registration and Login

By Ashmita Gupta
December 13, 2021

Step 1: URL Link

Click on this URL link

Then click on New User. For registration.

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Step 2: Register - For New Users

Complete registration by typing following details: First Name, Last Name and Organization Name.

We will create E-Screen URL from your organization name. (Note: Organization URL can not be changed after registration)

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Enter your Email address and Create strong password with minimum 8 characters. (You also have option to use system generated password)

Then Click on Register.

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Step 3: Verification Link

After you click on Register, our system will automatically send verification email to email address provided.

Step 4: Log In

After you have verify email, Log in page will appear.

Type your recently created Email and Password. Then Click on Log In.

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Step 5: Re-Verification

If you have not verified confirmation link, we will send re-confirmation link to your registered Email address.

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Step 5: Confirmation

Click on Verify Account.

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Step 6: Dashboard

After you click on Verify Account, you will be directed to your Dashboard.

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Registration and Log in steps are completed.

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