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How to Add Link, Add Content in it & Cast on Screen

By Ashmita Gupta
December 13, 2021

Step 1: Go to Links Tab

Click on Links under Side-menu Then click on New Links to add links.

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Step 2: Add Link

After you click on New Links, Add Link Box will appear.

There Enter URL (Note :- You can add .m3u8 or .mp4 file URL to play video directly, or website URL to display screenshot.)

Enter relevant Name of URL content you will display Enter relevant Tags to classify, indicate online identity of your content.

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Step 3: Private Option

After you enter name and tags, there is privacy option. If you on privacy option, only you can access your files. Turning it off will make your files accessible to everyone in organization.

Then click on Add.

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Example of Add Link with Preview.

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Step 4: After you click on Add, your file will be displayed in Links Tab.

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Step 5: View Link

Click on View Link under Action.

View Link Box will appear showing all details, but you can only view details can not change it.

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Step 6: Casting Link

Click on Cast Link under Action.

Then Select Screen box will appear, choose earlier created screen and then click on Cast.

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Step 7: Check Pair Screen

After you click on cast, video will be displayed on pair screen.

(Added link video will be seen on pair screen.)

For example - (image)

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Step 8: Edit Link

You can also edit/change/modify current links by clicking on Edit button.

Update Link box will appear where you can change Link, Name, Tags and Privacy option. Then click on Update to save changes.

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Step 9: Delete Link

If you want to delete link, click on Delete button.

Confirmation Box will appear click Yes to delete link.

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