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How to Create Playlist and Cast Content

By Ashmita Gupta
December 13, 2021

Step 1: Go to Playlists Tab

Then click on New Playlist button.

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Step 2: New Playlist

After you click on New Playlist you will be re-directed to New Playlist screen.

Write your Playlist Name and then Add Content from left-side of the screen by dragging (Demo Video Public) slide.

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Dragging Example.

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Step 3: Content Display and Search option

After you drag content file, it will appear on screen like these. There is also search option if you want to search particular content file.

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Step 4: New Playlist Setting

Click on Setting If you want to change color then click on it.

You can Turn on/off privacy option. Default duration timing is 30 Mins for links and 10 Sec for images. Set if according to your requirements.

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  • Color box

Select specific color that you want. Click on OK.

Then click on Save changes.

(Note :- Before you click on Save changes, make sure you have entered Playlist Name and relevant tags.)

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  • Your New playlist will be displayed here

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Step 5: Select Screen and Channel

Click on Cast button under action. A Select Screen box will appear. Select screen and channel where you want to display your content.

Then click on Cast.

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Step 6: Preview Button

Click on Preview button under action.

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  • Preview Screen

You will be re-directed to preview screen. Where you can select Screen Size and also Rotate Screen.

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  • Various Screen Size available.

Select best size for your screen.

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Step 7: Edit Playlist

You can also Edit playlists.

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  • You will be directed to Edit page.

You can Select time loop from option, and any other changes you want.

After all changes click on Save Changes.

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Step 8: Delete Playlists

Click on Delete button, a Confirmation Action box will appear.

Click on Yes if you want to Delete Playlist.

(Note :- Be careful while you use this button.)

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All relevant information regarding Playlists is learnt by you.

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