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How to Add Screens & How to Cast Content on Pair Screen

By Ashmita Gupta
December 13, 2021

Step 1: Go to Screens Tab

Click on Screens under Side-menu.

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Step 2: New Screen

Click on New Screen to add screen.

You can either click on Top-right New Screen or Middle-right New Screen.

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Step 3: Pair the Screen

After you click on New Screen, a Box will appear.

In Box, there is URL, you can open/copy URL in mobile, TV or computer. (Note :- Make sure that you are not using same device or window to open URL link, use different device to open URL link.)

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Step 4: New Screen URL

When you open URL link in different device, there will be six digit code on the screen.

(Note:- Don't turn off this URL link, it is useful in next steps.)

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Step 5: Enter Six Digit Code

Write this Six digit code in previously opened New Screen Box.

Then click on Pair.

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Step 6: Screen Name

After you click on Pair, a box will appear.

Enter Screen information like :- Screen Name, Select Group and Select Channel. Click on Continue.

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Step 7: Screen Created and Paired

Your new screen will be displayed here.

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Step 8: Paired Screen

Currently Paired screen shows nothing. But you can cast content from Links, Medias or Videos by casting content files to specfic screen(s).

(Remember you copied that six digit code from URL link in step 4 & 5. That screen is now paired with your account.)

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Step 9: Cast Content on Screen

Click on More button and then on Cast option.

(You can also De-activate, Re-activate and Delete screen from more option.)

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Step 10: Select Content

Select Content Box will appear, choose content from Medias, Videos, Playlists and Channels.

Then Click on Add.

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After you click Add, your content will be displayed in Paired Screen.

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