How to Invite Users

By Ashmita Gupta
December 13, 2021

Step 1: Go to Users Tab

Click on Users under Side-menu.

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Step 2: Invite User Button

After you click on Invite User, a box will appear.

Enter valid Email of your user.

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  • Select Role

Assign role to your user like :- manager, employee, etc.

Then click on Plus Icon.

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Step 3: Send Invite

Click on Send Invite button to send invitation message to your user.

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Step 4: Invitation Results

After you click Send Invite.

Invited Users Results box will appear consisting invitation details.

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Step 5: Invitation Email

Your user will get Invitation email.

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Step 6: User Login

When user will click on Get Started, he/she will be re-directed to Escreen Log-in page.

User has to enter First Name, Last Name and create Password.

Then click on Get Started.

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Step 7: User Details Saved

After click on Get Started, user details will be saved & user has to login with their username and password.

Then click on Login.

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Step 8: User Dashboard

After click on Login, user will be re-directed to Escreen Dashboard where he/she can access features likes Links, medias, playlists or screens which are authorised by owner.

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Step 9: User Details (Owner-side)

Click on toggle icon to see application statistics of user. Information of number of Links, Medias, Playlists, Channels and Screens.

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Step 10: Edit User

Click on Edit user icon.

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Step 11: Edit User Screen

In Edit user screen, you can enter primary detalis like :- First Name, Last Name and Password. Email address and Role will be written already and you can not edit it.

On left-side there is permission section, you can allow access or deny user to use specific features. It will be reflected on User Dashboard. (user need to re-login on dashboard)

Write all information (mandatory), do whatever changes you want and click on Save changes button (Top-right).

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Now you have learnt all relevant things or steps to invite users, edit their information and permission section.

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