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How to Create Schedules and Add Content

By Ashmita Gupta
December 13, 2021

Step 1: Go to Schedules Tab

First click on Schedules tab

Then click on New Schedule on Top-right side.

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Step 2: Write Name and Add Content

After you click on New Schedule, you will be re-directed to Schedules page.

First write Schedule Name and then click on Add Content.

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Step 3: Select Content

After clicking on Add Content, Select Content Box will appear.

From there content you want to schedule. Click on Add.

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Step 4: Select Date, Day and Time

In Right-side of screen there is Interval Section, there you select Date, Day and Time to schedule your content

Select Start time and End time. (Note :- Schedule will loop if content finishes before time.)

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Step 5: Select Screen

Click on Screens, then click on Add Screens.

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Step 6: Select Screens Box

Select screen box will appear, choose the screen where you want to display content

Then Click on Add.

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Step 7: Save Changes

After you have added name, content and screen. Click on Save Changes.

(Note:- Make sure you have addedd schedule name, schedule content and schedule screen before you click on Save changes.)

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Step 8: Schedule Screen

You will be re-directed to Schedule Screen.

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Step 9: Edit Schedule

You can edit schedule by clicking on edit button.

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Step 10: Edit Screen

You will be re-directed to Edit Schedule Screen, there you can do changes regarding schedules. (Note:- Remember to click on Save Changes after you edited schedule.)

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Step 11: Delete Schedule

If you want to delete your schedule, click on delete button.

Confirmation Action Box will appear click on YES to delete your schedule.

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  • Now you have learnt to schedule your content on screen by selecting date, day and time. Also About edit schedule and delete schedule.

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